The Student Star Awards are for recognition and celebration of student achievement with The Cornwall College Group.

The categories are:

Can do:  This award is for a student who demonstrates a can do attitude to life and their studies, not letting barriers to success get in their way.

Caring:  This is for students who have demonstrated considerable caring for others or the environment and a willingness to ‘go that extra mile’ to help without thought of recompense or reward. They will have demonstrated this as part of their course or extracurricular activities in the wider community, such as volunteering. Teams will be considered for this award.

Celebrating: Apprentices.  This award is for the apprentice students who have excelled in achieving their learning targets and produced work of the highest quality.  The endorsement of their employer will be of equal merit to the nomination from the College.

Celebrating: FE and HE.  These two awards are for the students who have best demonstrated an all-round commitment to their College experience within and beyond the classroom or workshop.  Candidates for these awards may well have a profile which would fit them for a range of the other awards (e.g. have achieved at higher standards in the face of adversity and still manage to contribute to sporting achievement or community involvement).

Connected:  This award is for those who have clearly excelled in working together or have connected successfully with others. This could recognise teamwork through sport,   group or personal achievement through networking with others. Teams will be considered for this award.

Consistent:  This is for the student who has demonstrated consistency or a consistent improvement in the standard of their work/attitude/commitment to their studies.  This could reflect distance travelled from their starting point or it could stem from a clear outperforming of expectations based on pre-entry qualifications or prior attainment.

Courageous:  This is for the student who has evidenced a courageous attitude through, determination and perseverance, perhaps in the face of considerable adversity.  Levels of achievement need not be high in objective terms but rather they should reflect significant personal investment on the part of those nominated.

Creative:  This is for the student who has demonstrated a creative approach to developing, promoting or carrying through a project or enterprise to a successful conclusion.

Applications for the 2017 Star Awards have now closed.